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How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

Much of the success of foot and ankle surgery is reliant on the before and after care following surgery. It is important to follow the given advise in preparation for your surgery as well as after your surgery.

Before surgery

General advise

It is important to keep your general health in good condition. It you have any medical condition, it is worth getting these checked by your general practitioner to ensure your condition is managed as best as possible.

In preparation for your foot surgery, try to keep your skin in good condition. Wash your feet daily especially between the toes. Avoid any blisters, abrasions or ulcers on your feet as this will possibly delay your surgery.Take care when cutting toe nails.If the skin on your feet is particularly dry you can apply moisturising cream to help avoid cracking leading up to your surgery. Remove any nail varnish prior to admission to hospital.

Chiropody/podiatry treatment

If you are having chiropody or podiatry treatment, it is important that you tell them that you will be having surgery. Your last treatment should be one week before the date of surgery at the latest. Do not resume any treatment after surgery without consulting your surgeon.

Home preparation

Often your mobility is affected after surgery. It is a good idea to make arrangement before your surgery. This may include:

- Arranging friends and family to help after your operation

- Stocking up on supplies (food etc.) so that you do not need to leave the house

- Preparing meals so that you do not have to spend a long time on your feet cooking

- Books and movies to occupy your recovery time

- Practice using crutches or consider purchasing or renting a knee walker


Smoking is known to reduce wound healing leading to wound breakdown, increases infection risk, increases your risks of blood clots and stops bones from healing. It also has a significant negative impact on your general health including your heart and lungs. It is vitally important to stop smoking in the lead up to your surgery. Seek help from your general practitioner or the NHS stop smoking advise page

Understanding your surgery

It is important that your understand your surgery, including the potential risks and complications. There is often an awful lot of information to take in. Please download any of the information leaflets on this website to help you understand your condition, the treatment options, the surgery and the risks and complications. If you have any questions or concerns, it is important to address these before your surgery.

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